SIP Technologies-Keeping Your Water Pure

The SIP® System

The SIP 2000 is our automatic cooler sanitizer that works with all reservoir-fed water coolers. Every night, the SIP 2000 activates to sanitize your cooler's reservoir.

The SIP 2000 can even control power to your cooler. So, for example, you could program the 2000 to shut off power to the cooler at 6:00 PM and then turn on at 6:00 AM.  Our tests have shown that the SIP 2000 can reduce the energy consumption on your cooler by up to 50% while also reducing your cooler's CO2  use by up to half a ton*.

The SIP 2000 can be easily attached inside or on the back of a water cooler. It can also be purchased "pre installed" directly from some manufacturers. You can contact us for more details on the range of manufacturers we work with.

You can also buy the device directly from SIP® and retrofit your own coolers in less than 5 minutes.

The SIP 2000 is programmed to activate for 10 minutes every night. However, it is fully programmable so that you can change the time and duration of the sanitization to suit your customers specific requirements.

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SIP 2000 helping reduce your customer’s energy bill.

Help your customers reduce their energy costs, simply by fitting SIP on your cooler. SIP2000 has a revolutionary sleep mode that allows you to shut your cooler down during the periods of time when the office is not in use.

Tests have shown that by simply shutting down the coolers compressor from 7pm to 7am can reduce your coolers energy usage by 46%*.

This energy saving equates to up to half a ton of CO2 saved per cooler per year.

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to switch off your cooler during the night as this has the effect of increasing the temperature of the water in the reservoir. This warmer water has the effect of allowing bacteria in the water to multiply much quicker then it could do in a chilled reservoir. SIP is the only product available in the market which eliminates all the bacteria in the water during the night when the compressor is off, allowing your customer to save energy and enjoy fresh clean water just as nature intended.*

The coolers were allowed to reach temperature before the tests were started in order to simulate normal operation. The energy readings were then taken over a 24 hour period.

The average ambient Air Temperature was 18.75°C
The average water influent temperature was 15°C
Water volume drawn off between 9am and 5pm = 3 Liters of cold water & 1 Liter of hot water

*Source Carbon Trust

*Test Conditions