SIP Technologies-Keeping Your Water Pure

Features and Benefits for SIP Products

  1. Ozone is naturally occurring and naturally produced. Our unique patented system replicates the process of Mother Nature inside your water cooler. We use corona discharge to produce ozone, creating just the right amount to perfectly clean your reservoir every single night.
  2. SIP® is lightning in a bubble…that fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm is ozone.
  3. SIP® ensures that we help you raise the bar on customer service. All of our units are completely automated. You set the time and SIP® will do the “dirty” work. And just to be safe, we have installed a back up battery system to be certain that we never miss a single day.
  4. The EZ install Bracket, makes installation easy. It's plug and play.
  5. Ozone is the most effective natural oxidizer that can be safely used in water. It's been used by municipalities, spa companies and throughout the drinking water industry for over 100 years.

Your SIP® equipped cooler and outstanding filtration system guarantees your customers will have the best drinking water available

  1. Daily Sanitization = Unparalleled level of service for your customers. SIP® works once a day, every day, by staying ahead of any pesky bacteria or bio-film growth. Clean coolers make for happy customers and less work for you.
  2. By oxidizing your cooler's water everyday, SIP® keeps the water in your reservoir fresh even during weekends, holidays and extended periods of non-use.
  3. Let SIP® upgrade your cooler to a SMART cooler. SIP®'s automatic system takes control of your cooler's compressor. By shutting down the cooler at night, when not in use, it saves your customer electricity.
  4. Ozone is natural, there is no need to be concerned about chemicals or by-products. Activated Oxygen inside, and pure O2 out.
  5. SIP®'s products require minimal maintenance. Our easy annual air filter change means less work for your service team and more time for taking care of the customer.
  6. SIP®'s energy saving mode allows your customer to reduce their carbon footprint. Let's tell a positive story about how your cooler helps the environment..
  7. Independently tested to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and biofilm that may be present in a water cooler,

Let SIP® do the dirty work and let your customer enjoy the benefits of the freshest, cleanest water in the market.