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Marketing SIP®

To help you market your coolers with SIP®, we have created a series of free marketing materials and 3D animation sales videos for your company to use.

The videos can be viewed by clicking the photos on the bottom on the left side. Your salespeople could show this video in a sales presentation or it could be played from your web site. It will help to differentiate why your pure water dispensed in a SIP® equipped cooler is better than a regular cooler.

On the right side, we've provided links to download 3D illustrations, brochures and the videos to help with your marketing efforts. Some of the files for downloading are large in size as they are of print quality.

SIP 2000 Marketing Video

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SIP 2000 - Upgrading Customers
SIP® 2000 - Upgrading Customers

SIP Marketing Material

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Customers Ad Sanitise it Perfectly
Let SIP keep your water pure with the most efficient, ECO friendly product on the market!

SIP брошюра на русском языке

SIP brochure en français